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Latest Version : JoyToKey 4.6.1
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July 25, 2010
OS Support :
Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000

JoyToKey 4.5.3 Publisher's Description

Use your favorite joystick for playing web games and other applications!

By Mehdi about JoyToKey 4.5.3

JoyToKey enables you to control various windows applications (e.g. a Web Browser, games on the web, Microsoft Office, and various shortcuts for Windows or Photoshop) by using your favorite joystick. Whenever you press joystick buttons and sticks, JoyToKey will convert the input into keyboard strokes and mouse movements so that The Target application works as you pre-configured!

* Create multiple configuration files
You can create multiple configuration files and switch them at any time. It also supports the association of config files with applications so that the config file switches automatically when the target application changes.

* Assign multiple keys for each button
For example, you can assign Alt+F4 for a button.

* Mouse emulation
You can also emulate mouse cursor movements, clicks and wheel rotation. If you have an analog stick, cursor movement speed can be accelerated based on the stick input level.

* Automatic repeat of buttons or toggles

* Virtual joystick setting
Even if you have only one joystick, you can configure joystick->key mapping for multiple virtual joysticks (e.g. one for default mapping, another for registering shortcuts, and yet another for Mouse Control). And you can temporarily switch to those virtual joystick setting by pressing a physical joystick button.
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JoyToKey 4.5.3 Program Versions

Latest VersionJoyToKey 4.6.1
JoyToKey 4.5.3
JoyToKey 3.7.9

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